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ABLE Farms is a missional farm community where persons of all abilities & backgrounds experience belonging, love & equality.

We use farm life - horses, gardens, livestock, nature - to transform lives, heal brokenness & offer hope in the name of Jesus Christ

ABLE Stables

ABLE Stables is the equine ministry of ABLE Farms  designed around the innate ability of a horse to connect with both children & adults - especially those with special needs, disabilities, and those who have encountered trauma, abuse, or neglect. Such connection provides a unique & powerful context for healing, restoration & wholeness to begin. 

We proudly stand on the shoulders of Hoof Beats of Hope, a nonprofit equine ministry that operated here in Henry County for 20+ years & touched countless lives. We hope to continue their legacy in this community for years to come! 

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Make a tax deductible donation using the link below. We are so grateful for your generosity of any amount and are committed to being fully transparent about the funds we receive. Thank you for entrusting us with your gift as we change lives together! 

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We believe the context of a working farm allows for a unique setting for authentic and meaningful relationships to be developed as God intended - relationships between God, oneself, humanity, and creation. The rhythms and seasons of farm life allow us to encounter the goodness of God in creation and one another as we cultivate both the fruit of the earth and the fruit of the Spirit. We hope you will consider joining us whether by prayer, dreaming alongside us, or by your financial donation.  

Our Why...

ABLE Farms is a taste of heaven on earth where invisible people are seen, marginalized people belong, love is shared abundantly, and everyone has the dignity of a seat at the table

ABLE Farms

1100 Sulphur Wells Academy Rd, Springville, TN 38256, USA

Growing a Better Future with ABLE Farms: download our printable pdf here -->

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