Able Farms

Welcome to the Pop-Up Dinner Series

“We started our Pop-Up Dinner Series as a way to combine my background in the culinary world with the great local agriculture in the Portland area. Food justice is important to Able Farms, so every dish at these dinners is created using products from small farms along with other local producers. My guest chefs and I take care to honor the ingredients and find new and creative ways serve them. At the dinners we'll also be promoting food justice by discussing how specific highlighted ingredients are ethically and sustainably raised or created, with the intention of diners cultivating an even deeper relationship with their food.
This Pop-Up Dinner Series follows two years of successful Farm to Table dinners held on our farm. By hosting the Dinner Series at diverse locations throughout the city, we hope to bring farm fresh eating to a wider audience.
We will be posting dinner details as they're finalized. Hope to see you there!"

-Megan Denton, Head Chef and Farmer

Farm to Upright!

Join us at Upright Brewing for a night of beer, small plates, and jazz.

This will be our final pop-up of the 2014 season-- hope you can make it!


Past 2014 Pop-Up Dinners

Farm to James John!

Join us for a four-course dinner at the James John Cafe!
Dinner will be prepared by Chef Megan Denton of Able Farms. Dinner will feature produce and pork from Able Farms and other local small farmers and producers.


Farm to Boat at Green Anchors in St Johns!

Join us for a four-course dinner on the Green Anchors Enterprises boat!
Dinner will be prepared by Chef Megan Denton of Able Farms and Chef Jane Hashimawari of Ippai.  Courses will be small local farm and sustainable seafood focused, accompanied by wine and a Japanese drinking vinegar.  
Featured local purveyors are Able Farms, Ewald Moseler Selections, Genki Su Japanese Vinegars, Nightlight Farm, Rockwood Urban Farm, Sacred Sea Tuna, and Spring Water Farms.

August 24th-- Urban Farm to Table

Join us for a four course dinner at Arbor Lodge Urban Farm in North Portland. Dinner will be prepared by chef Megan Denton of Able Farms and will highlight the produce of Arbor Lodge Urban Farm along with that of Able Farms. The main course will feature lamb sustainably raised by Rennaisance Farms, served with beer by Upright Brewery.