Community Supported Agriculture

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture, also known as a CSA, is a mutually beneficial agreement between a farm and an individual. Every farm’s CSA program is unique, but in general you can expect to pay a sum of money at the beginning of the season and in exchange receive fresh farm goods regularly for the rest of the season.

By purchasing a CSA share, you are able to experience food in new ways through seasonal eating, discovering new and heirloom varieties, and learning new recipes and techniques.

Your share also benefits your farmer and your local economy. Your payment at the beginning of the farm season means that your farmer is able to plan better and be more financially stable. And the money that you spend on your CSA stays in the local economy, unlike the money that you spend on veggies at the supermarket.

Able Farms is proud to be a member of the Portland Area CSA Coaliton!









Able Farms 2017 CSA Shares Sold Out!

Why Get Your CSA from Able Farms?

When you buy a CSA share from Able Farms, you support our mission of growing food without chemical pesticides or herbicides, in a way that nourishes the land we grow on and the people we feed.  When you become a CSA member it means that you pledge to support our farm by pre-paying for your share in return for a share of the harvest. Becoming a member invests you into our farm and as a member you share our bounty and assume the risks of the harvest alongside the farmer. When you buy become an Able Farms CSA member you actively remove the middle man, fossil fuel costs, and extra packaging. Instead we can put that energy into growing and raising a healthy variety of vegetables and animals. Since we do not spray for insects or disease, your vegetables will look like they have been grown by real people under real conditions. Able Jar Logo 2016

Our CSA shares include a variety of seasonal heirloom and traditional vegetables, fruit, herbs, and wild-harvested food. We also occasionally include farmer-processed goods such as pickles, jams, vinegars, and spreads. CSA members can also purchase add-on items, such as custom Able Farms blends of coffee, and whole pastured chickens. The food we grow is inspired by the culinary world—we feature a lot of varieties that never appear on grocery store shelves, such as Bel Fiore chicory, Patisson Panache squash, Evergreen tomatoes, and Lipstick peppers.

Becoming our CSA member includes you in our bounty but also our family. We curate and host community events, farm and pop up dinners, and fundraisers. By becoming our CSA member you receive 20% off all our events and we encourage you to get involved with the farm in any way you are able.

Pick-Up Sites

Able Farms’ CSA shares will be distributed once a week on Fridays from June 2nd through October  6th (20 weeks).
We offer all day pick-up at locations in St. Johns, Rose Quarter, and the Pearl. CSA members choose the location that works best for them. We will also be a vendor at the Woodlawn Farmers Market for the season if that is convenient for you!

NW @ Nossa Familia Coffee - 1319 NW Johnson (Fridays 830 am - 5pm)

NE@ Cup & Bar - 118 NE MLK Blvd (Fridays 9am - 7pm)

N @ Able City House - 8725 N Edison (Fridays 8am - 7pm)

NE @ Woodlawn Farmers Market - NE Dekum & NE Durham    (Saturdays 10am - 2pm)




Full Share (feeds 2 to 4 people) - $750 (6-8 items in larger quantities)

Half Share (feeds 1 to 2 people) - $450 (4-6 items)

12 oz. of Coffee Weekly - $180

One Whole, Pasture-Raised Chicken Monthly - $80


How to Purchase Your Share

Able Farms' preferred method of payments for CSA shares are cash or check. However, we understand that some members need alternative methods of payment. We are proud to accept SNAP and Double-Up Food Bucks (see details below). We also accept credit card payments.

Regardless of your form of payment, please send us an email at with your name, address, phone number, and preferred pick-up site.


Pay with SNAP

snapWe believe that everyone deserves access to fresh, local, nutritious food. That is why we are one of only 11 farms in Portland that accept SNAP benefits for CSA shares.

Able Farms is also a part of the Double Up Food Bucks program sponsored by the Portland Area CSA Coalition. For SNAP users who meet eligibility criteria, Double Up Food Bucks will match up to $200 of the cost of your CSA.  DUFBbadgeWhite

For more information about paying for your CSA using SNAP and
Double Up Food Bucks, email us at